When you first view studio apartments, you might initially think, "wow, that's small." That's because studio apartments are usually small. In fact, they're typically the smallest apartments you can rent. However, a studio apartment is the most affordable option, and they can have plenty of room for one or two people. The key is learning how to make the most of the apartment. So here are some tips to help you discover ways to use the space in the best way.

View several studio apartments before choosing

Viewing studio apartments for rent is the best place to start. A studio apartment is a unit without a bedroom. Yet, you'll find variations within different units. For example, one studio apartment might be larger than another. Another difference is the layout of the units. You'll also find differences in closet space. Thus, viewing units gives you options, and you can choose the best option for your needs.

Use a couch or bed

You won't have a bedroom in a studio unit. Instead, you'll use the living room as a combination room. The living room serves as a bedroom and living room, but it likely won't be big enough to separate the room into two areas. So you'll need to consider the best way to handle sleeping and sitting. The best option is to use a couch or a bed instead of both. For example, you might get a couch that turns into a bed. This option is a space-saving option people use in studio units. Another option is to choose a daybed, which you can use for sleeping or sitting. The bottom line is that you'll save space if you use one or the other.

Utilize the space wisely

Next, you'll need to use the space in the unit wisely. For example, you can use the area under a bed for storage. You can find some totes that fit underneath to use for storing your items. Additionally, use the wall space. If you can hang shelves on the walls, even near the ceiling, you'll have more space for storage. You can also purchase tall bookshelves to have more storage options. Finally, you should get rid of things you don't need. You'll need less space if you have fewer things to put in your unit.

Find the right unit

Tour some studio apartment units in your area and work with a real estate professional to find the right one. Then, you can follow these tips to use the space wisely.