Safety is an essential factor when it comes to senior living. So, if you are looking for a new community to call home—you must keep safety in mind. Learn more about some critical areas to assess safety and why they are so important.

1. Grounds

The parking lot, pathways that lead to the unit buildings, and lighting options are some of the grounds features to consider. In terms of parking lots, they should be located as close to unit entrances as possible. Pathway surfaces should be well maintained and even to avoid unnecessary slipping hazards, and the entire area should be well lit to promote safe movement around the community.

2. Unit Accessibility

Residents should be able to access their units safely. For example, the railing should be securely affixed to the wall for upper-level units, and the railing should be slip-resistant. There should also be maintenance staff on-site who treat the stairs in inclement weather. Lighting around entry doors is another vital safety feature to look for to ensure you can see the activity around your door.

3. Bathroom Design

Look for senior apartments that have built-in safety bathroom features. For units with a tub/shower combo, a grip bar is an excellent addition, and for a walk-in shower, a seat is a helpful safety feature. The space should also have plenty of storage opportunities. The less cluttered the room, the fewer tripping hazards. A raised toilet can also keep you from bending too low, which could cause a fall.

4. Flooring Selection

You should also pay attention to the flooring styles used throughout the apartment, as some flooring types are more slip-resistant than others. Consider the kitchen, for example. This room is prone to extra moisture on the floor due to spills. As a result, a textured vinyl would be a good option because its design would offer more grip and traction, lowering the slip risk.

5. Community Access

It is also helpful to be mindful of how easily people can access the community. Ideally, the community should have a controlled access system installed, such as a gate. Unit buildings with locked entry into the building and each unit are equally helpful. A community that allows for the installation of a video doorbell is also an excellent safety addition.

The safer the apartment unit and community, the more comfortable you will be. If you have any additional questions, be sure to contact a senior apartments representative for assistance.