You may be thinking about moving into a retirement community and wonder what amenities you should look for. It will mostly depend on the type of activities you like to do and how active you are. There are so many different types of retirement communities that are geared toward seniors' interests and their activity levels that it can be difficult to pick the right one.

If you do like to be active and play sports or games, perhaps a pickleball retirement community might be something you are interested in. Here are some reasons why you might want to think about moving into a community that offers pickleball.

It's A Fun Low Impact Sport To Play

You may be an active person who loves playing different sports, but now find it's getting harder to play tennis or other higher impact sports. Pickleball offers a fun and easy sport to play that has a lower impact on your body as a whole. While you do move around and bend to play the game, it typically is easier on your joints and muscles than other sports are.

Pickleball combines three games into one, tennis, badminton, and ping pong, creating a fun and challenging game with less overall movement than you would have with tennis or badminton as the court is smaller.

A retirement community that offers pickleball can keep you active and playing games that you love to play.

If you are interested in tennis but never learned to play, pickleball can be a great substitute as well. Since the game has similar rules as other games that you might love to play, it can be an easier game to pick up on too.

It Can Keep You Social

Just like with tennis or badminton, pickleball can be played in singles or in doubles. You could even create pickleball tournaments in which teams of players face off against each other until only two sets of players are left to play for the winner.

This means it can keep you social when you may not be as interested in shopping trips or crafting groups the retirement community offers. The game typically takes less time than tennis to play as well so you can plan a lunch with your friends after the game or turn it into a party and invite spectators to join.

Pickleball within a retirement community can help you make friends and have fun while doing it.