When it comes to finding the right place to live, buyers will choose either single-family or multi-family residences. Almost everyone understands how different living can be if you go with a single-family home as opposed to a condominium. Both of these choices have their perks and drawbacks, but what if you could have something in-between? Townhome living could be the best of both worlds. To find out more, read on.

Attached But Still Private

Townhomes, unless you score a unit on the end, are usually attached to other units. However, unlike in a condo building, you won't have anyone above or below you. This way of being in a multi-family residential situation provides you with a quieter, more private living arrangement since you usually only share two or fewer walls. In addition, many townhome communities use design tricks to create even more privacy by staggering the units so they are not exactly side-by-side. Finally, many newer townhome choices have considerable firewall protection between the units, and that means both more safety and a more restful experience.

Cost-efficient and Energy Wise

In general, single-family living costs more per square foot than a condominium or a townhome. That means you get more home for your dollar by going with a townhome. In addition, townhomes can be incredibly energy-efficient due to sharing walls with other units. Doors and windows situated only on the back and front allow more energy conservation.

Convenient But Still Neighborly

Townhomes can be more convenient than a condominium, but still offer the community feel of a condo unit. With most condominiums, residents park in a large communal parking area. In many cases, the distance between parking and the front door is considerable. With a townhome, many residents enjoy parking right in front of the unit. In some cases, townhome residents have a private driveway and even covered parking, making things that much closer to a single-family residence. For those who want privacy but still enjoy neighbors, townhomes provide that as well. Neighbors are there if you need them, but you won't necessarily have to interact with them on your way to your car every day.

More Than Just a Balcony

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, condominium living has its limits. Many condo units offer small (or no) balcony spaces. However, most townhomes offer larger outdoor areas, sometimes in both the front and the back yard, with which to garden or just to spend time. Additionally, you will usually have only a small amount of yard work to do with a townhome.

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