If you're looking for a quality-built home that's large enough for things like a home theater, exercise room, or professional home office, then you may want to look at luxury residential home listings. Whether you're looking for a newly built home or an older one, luxury homes can provide the extras you want in a home. Here are five benefits of buying a luxury residential home.

1. More Square Footage

Luxury homes tend to be larger, so you'll have more space in your bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus, they may even have more rooms, which you might need if you have a large family or if multiple generations will live in the same home.

2. Gourmet Kitchen

An enticing feature of luxury homes is often the gourmet kitchen. If you're tired of a cramped kitchen in your old home, you may dream of a large kitchen with a pantry, plenty of storage space, and even multiple appliances for your large family. The kitchens usually have high-end materials such as solid wood cabinets, granite or marble countertops, and quality flooring.

3. Attractive Neighborhood

Luxury residential homes are often clustered in gated communities or in the best locations in the city, such as near the water or on a golf course. Your home will be nestled in a community with other luxury homes so your neighborhood will be attractive too. If you choose to live in a gated community, your neighborhood may even be safer than most.

4. Modern Design

The layout of the home you choose will depend on the year the house was built. Luxury homes are often built with the latest design trends in mind. If you want the latest floor plan and the most popular and trendy building materials for your home, then look for a home that's only a few years old.

5. Large Garage

Your new garage may be luxurious too. You may find a home with an oversize garage or a home with two garages. You'll have plenty of room to park your cars or use the space for kids to play or as a hobby area. It is handy to have extra space in a large garage so you have storage room or room for pets to play safely, but if you have multiple cars, you'll appreciate being able to keep them all protected in a large garage. You might even find a garage with lifts so you can elevate cars out of the way.

There are many reasons to buy a luxury home. You can live more comfortably, and you'll have a beautiful home for entertaining. Plus, you can surround yourself with the finer things in life and feel pampered.