When you are listing your place for sale, you might have a long list of things you need or want to do before your home is photographed, listed, and open for visitors. However, instead of fixing everything, you should think about lowering the price of the home and leaving the projects for someone else to manage. Here are three projects you may be able to overlook.

1. Painting

Over time, paint on walls, baseboards, and trim can become dented, scuffed, and even scraped. While you may be thinking about having a professional painter come through the space to refinish all of your surfaces, paint colors are incredibly personal and buyers may not like the shade you select. 

To prevent problems, consider offering a paint credit with the sale of your home. By offering this credit or lowering the price, anyone who walks through your home will know they can customize their own colors, which can bring value to the listing. 

2. Replacing Carpet

Carpet is another home component that many people have opinions about, especially considering the fact that you can find carpet in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Instead of replacing the carpet, think about giving buyers a credit or letting them know you are willing to negotiate to accommodate their flooring preferences. By giving buyers the opportunity to replace their own flooring, you can help them to customize the home. 

3. Updating the Kitchen

Kitchens can look dated over time, whether the wooden cabinets you have are no longer on-trend or the countertops that you chose are looking old and tired. While you may be thinking about having cabinets painted and counters replaced, think about leaving the updating for the next buyer. 

Instead of sinking more cash into the space and then having buyers question your design decisions, you can simply lower the price of your home, and enjoy an easy transition into your next home. You never know, they might have a different idea of how things should be, and by not changing anything, you may save them time and money. 

When you are ready to sell, sit down with a real estate agent and talk with them about your home. Ask them to walk through the space, tell you what they think, and offer tips if they know anyone who could tackle the projects you need help with. Oftentimes, real estate agents maintain networks of professionals to simplify projects.

For more information or advice, reach out to a local home selling agent today.