Whether you are looking to expand your real estate portfolio or you are thinking about upgrading your own living space, you might be thinking about looking for a luxury property. Unfortunately, many luxury homes are on the market only briefly before being snatched up, which is why being resourceful is so important. Here are three ways you can see real estate listings before anyone else, so you have a better shot at snagging that beautiful home. 

1. Ask Friends If They Are Selling

One of the best ways to see homes before they hit the market is by learning that the owners plan to move sometime in the near future. While it can be tricky to know exactly who plans to sell, make it known with your family members and friends that you are planning on looking for a luxury property. 

Ask friends and family members if they plan on selling, and when. If you can spot a home that is about to hit the market, you might be able to get in early enough to score a great deal on the property, without having to compete with anyone else. 

2. Network at the Country Club

While talking with family members and friends can yield some great leads on homes in your area, you can also find out about listings from complete strangers if you are good at talking to people. However, finding people who own luxury property isn't always easy, which is why going to somewhere like your local country club is important. 

If you are interested in luxury property, you can try investing in a country club membership, and spending some time there. Talk with other patrons about where they live and whether they know of any property that will be coming onto the market soon. You never know, you could discover something really fantastic before anyone else knows about it. 

3. Ask a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are committed to keeping their clients for a long time, which means that many have networks of friends who may sell their homes at any time. Sometimes, real estate agents hear about home listings before they hit the market, which can create a pocket listing that gives you early access to a property. Talk with agents in your area to find out if they have heard about anything that could interest you. 

Anytime you start thinking about looking at luxury property, make sure you have a good idea of what your dream home would have. Chat with different real estate agents about available homes in the area and what you would need to do to put in an offer. Being one of the first interested buyers on the scene can help you tremendously. Talk to a real estate agent if you are interested in luxury homes for sale in your target area.