Moving into a senior apartment can be an exciting venture, especially if you are looking for a fun community of individuals who understand you and can relate to you. However, before you move, it is important to check out various complexes to see what they offer. Here are three simple things you should ask before moving into a senior apartment complex. 

1. "What Amenities Are Available?"

From swimming pools and spas to walking trails and clubhouses, every apartment complex offers a different set of amenities. While many people are focused on choosing a place with the longest amenities list possible, it is important to look for a complex that offers amenities that you will actually use. 

Think about what you might like to do in your free time, how an apartment complex could help, and what is available in your area. Ask for a complete list of amenities so you can compare properties side by side. 

2. "Is the Apartment ADA Compliant?"

While you may be in excellent health now, you never know what the future will hold. To maintain your independence, ask if apartment complexes are ADA compliant. Think about how you might enter the apartment if you needed to use a walker, set of crutches, or a wheelchair temporarily. 

Be on the lookout for additions like elevators, escalators, and wide doors. Pay attention to the floorplan to see if you could move throughout the space with a wheelchair without incident. If the apartment is ADA compliant, it will be easier to use in the future, regardless of what happens with your health. 

3. "Which Age Restrictions Are Enforced?"

While many senior living apartments have age restrictions and only allow patrons over a certain age, others are more relaxed, which can cause problems if you aren't keen on being around families and children. If you want to enjoy a little (or a lot of) peace and quiet during your golden years, look for a property that is serious about age restrictions and that has a rich community of seniors. 

When you want to embark on your search for senior apartments, invest the time and energy into touring several different places to see what you like. When you are there, see if you can talk with existing tenants to ask about their experience, and be honest about what you need and where you see yourself in the future. By being transparent with management, you can find the perfect place.

To learn more, reach out to senior apartment complexes in your area.