The fitness industry is constantly growing, and you might hope to tap into that potential by starting your own gym. Your business success will depend on a lot of the type of location you choose for your gym. If you are looking at commercial property for sale with your new gym in mind, let the following factors influence your final choice:


If people need to drive to attend the gym, you want to make sure they have a place to park. If there isn't a lot of parking available, make sure that your gym is accessible by public transit, bike trails, or other alternate means of transportation. Lack of parking might be a reason why people would pass up your gym and attend a different facility that has more convenient accommodations. 

Outdoor Space

During seasons of fairer weather, you might want to embrace the newer trend of taking workouts outside. You can have people flipping tires in the parking lot, bear crawling through the grass, or running around the block as part of a workout. With more outdoor space as part of your property, your workouts can have more variety, which can only appeal to more customers. 

Noise Level

Gyms are noisy. Not only do you want loud, motivating music for your workouts, but people will also drop heavy weights when lifting them. Those crashing sounds carry. You also want people who attend to be able to cheer on their peers. When looking for a gym, take this noise into consideration. If you find a property that shares a wall with a quiet business like a massage therapy provider or an accounting business, you might want to look elsewhere because the noise could make enemies of your neighbors. A free-standing property or a property that is soundproofed might be worth the investment. 

Proximity to Competitors

Finally, you want to consider how close the gym is to landmarks and other competitors. If your gym will specialize in a specific type of fitness, such as strength training, it might a good thing to put it next to a cycling or yoga studio since these attract people who are already committed to fitness. This can give your business increased exposure while offering a new facet of exercise. However, if your business is very similar to others, try to find an area that doesn't have a good facility yet, so you can capitalize on being convenient to the population of the area where your business will be located.