If you have decided it is time for your family to move to a luxury home, perhaps you should consider a golf front home. While the obvious benefit of being on a golf course is that it makes it easy to go out and play a round, you do not need to be into golf to joy living on a course. In fact, the benefits you will notice when you move to the community will far overshadow just being able to play when you want. Consider the following benefits.


It is true that in most cities the better schools are located in the more affluent areas. A golf community is considered an affluent area, and it shows when you look at the schools near them. If you are not sure, talk with a real estate agent and ask for the statistics concerning the schools near a golf course vs the schools in the middle of the town.


When you live on a golf course it is similar to living in a park. Whether the golf course association takes care of lawn maintenance or it is up to the homeowners, everyone's yard always looks good. Long before a yard can look unkempt the association will give a warning to the owner to take care of the problem or they will and then charge them for it. In addition, your backyard will be a portion of the golf course. It will always be well maintained and have lovely landscaping.


Almost all golf communities are gated and have a security guard at the gate at all times. In addition, there are often guards driving around keeping an eye on things. Having the walls, gates, and security personnel around also deters crime because criminals do not want to have to hassle with them. It is much easier to go to a nice, residential area that has no added security to worry about. 


Most golf course communities also have a few other amenities that can be good for your family and lifestyle. There is probably going to be at least one nice restaurant and some type of clubhouse for gatherings. 

If you are ready to move to some type of luxury home, talk with a real estate agent and ask to see the different golf communities in your area. You can then look over the different amenities and schools to determine which would make the best place for your family.