Are you looking to buy a home? Are you wondering whether you should look at townhomes for sale? Townhomes are somewhere midway between a condo and a single family home. Townhomes generally share a foundation and a wall or two. Unlike condos, you get to own the piece of land on which the property sits. The maintenance of the exterior is provided by a homeowners association (HOA) at a fee. So why should you look at townhomes for sale?


Townhouses are generally cheaper to purchase than single-family homes. With a townhouse, you don't have to worry about the maintenance of your garden, the exterior walls or garbage disposal as the HOA will handle these. Residents can pool together for major improvements making repair work cheaper. For example, you can get one contractor to repair a common roof. Cooling and heating may also be cheaper because of the style of construction.

Modern Fittings

Townhouses are more likely to have modern fittings such as granite kitchen tops and eco-friendly fixtures and materials than single-family homes.


One of the greatest benefits of townhouses is the sense of community they provide. Residents will get to know each other and are most likely to keep each others' backs. This may seem negative for those who like their privacy but you'll be more secure as strangers and strange behavior will most likely be noticed. Homeowners' Associations generally have rules regarding how many houses can be rented. As a result, there are more owners than tenants. This means more stability in terms of resident turnover. This also gives the residents a chance to know each other. Frequent travelers and those with fragile health will especially feel reassured knowing there is a caring neighbor looking in on them.

On-Site Facilities

One outstanding feature of townhouses is that they have common amenities that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. These may include a laundry, a gym, green areas, a recreation center and maybe even a swimming pool; right at your doorstep.


Apart from the security offered by the sense of community, Townhomes are often gated with one entrance. Some HOAs may also hire the services of a security company. As a result, townhouses are more secure than single-family homes.

For some reason, a single family unit may not be the choice for you. A townhome will offer you not just a decent home but a package that includes a community, security, and amenities, all at a cheaper price.