Your health is one of the best assets you have so you should guard it jealously. For example, you shouldn't live in a place that has a serious negative effect on your health. Here are some of the ways in which your health may depend on where you live and why you should buy real estate in certain areas:

How Much You Can Walk

The walkability determines how easy it is to navigate the area on foot. As you know, living a sedentary life is dangerous to your health; it exposes you to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, a neighborhood with a high degree of walkability is good for your health because it will keep you physically fit by allowing you to walk most of the time. This is even more important if your day job involves sitting most of the time.

The Type of Air You Breathe Everyday

Your neighborhood also affects the quality of the air you breathe. This is important because breathing in polluted air exposes you to respiratory health problems and lung diseases, among other problems. Some of the causes of air pollution include mining quarries, a large number of automobiles, and manufacturing plants, among others.

The Noise Levels to Which You Are Exposed

It is not just air pollution that is bad for your health; even nose pollution will affect your health negatively. Loud or regular noises can impair your hearing, affect the quality of your sleep, and even affect your cardiovascular health. You should prepare for a noise problem if your potential home is located near a busy highway or a loud factory, especially if the factory operates round the clock.

The Greenness of Your Surrounding

Living in an area with lots of vegetation improves your health reducing many environmental dangers to your health. For example, a neighborhood with lots of green places is likely to be cooler, quieter, and less polluted than a concrete jungle neighborhood. Living in a green neighborhood also reduces your level of stress, which is beneficial to both your heart's health and your mental and psychological health.

Your Access to Health Facilities

Lastly, your neighborhood may also affect your health by determining how fast you can get medical attention in case of an emergency, as well as the quality of the medical services available. For example, you can easily die from a moderate accident if you live in a remote location where it can take hours for emergency services t respond to your distress call. This is unlike most urban centers that have better medical access and those who need emergency healthcare can easily get it.