Whether you are looking for a house to live to or to resell in the future, you must think about the resale value of the property. This means thinking ahead and thinking smart from choosing the right location or neighborhood to selecting a home for sale that has the perfect size, condition, and design.

When choosing waterproof homes for sale, you have to think about four things, location, condition, exterior, and interior. Altogether, these should give you an idea about the value of the property should you decide to resell it.


As you may know, it is all about location. Homes located in a more urbanized place tend to have a higher resale value compared to homes in a rural place. Cities are where the majority of the jobs are located and where people flock together to visit museums and galleries, try new restaurants and to socialize. The value of residential areas will continue to increase at least in the next 5-10 years. On the other hand, if the house you're interested in does not have a proximity to supermarkets, hospitals, schools and other public venues, the chances of reselling it at a higher value is very slim. If you can afford waterfront property, more power to you, because these properties have a lot of staying power in the market.


If the house has signs of deterioration and does not look safe, the value will stagnate or even drop. If the house has only been built for less than a year or was renovated, there is a potential for a higher resale value. However, new is not always better. Some homes for sale require very minimum renovation to preserve the structure and the history of the house.


The exterior of the homes for sale includes the dimension of the property, elevation and slope and a separate private garage and doorway. The shape and overall size of the lot can be a factor for the resale value. Some people are interested in having a bigger yard for planting trees, outdoor picnics, for building a swimming pool or for their pets to run around. Others do not prefer a big lot size due to its high maintenance. The elevation and slope of the houses are also crucial when inspecting for the proper drainage system. Avoid buying homes with low elevation to prevent drainage expenses in the future. Homes for sale with a separate garage can be extremely attractive for people with families.


Most importantly, you should fully inspect the interior of the house before buying it. Houses

with more than two bedrooms, bathrooms, has enough storage space and closets, has a good flow and open floor plan, spacious living room and has fully functional kitchen area tend to have a high resale value. A lot of people are willing to pay for comfort and security, therefore, these qualities are important.