If you like the idea of purchasing your next home in an area where you can count on a sense of community pride, then there are some specific indicators that can help you spot when you have found such a place. Here is some advice for finding new homes to live in with a strong sense of community pride:

Look for a new neighborhood: If there is a brand-new neighborhood going up in a fairly new city, then you may want to look for your new home there. Everyone in that direct area will be moving into new homes in a new neighborhood, just as you will. This means that they are looking forward to starting fresh and becoming a part of something brand new. You can count on most of your neighbors being excited about creating a fantastic community and diligent about taking care of it.

Consider moving in a nice condo community: If you are open to living in a condo then you may want to look for a condo in a nice and well-kept condo community. The HOA will do its best to have rules in place that keep the place running smoothly, which helps those that live there feel a sense of community pride. Plus, they will also have festivities that help bring everyone together which also helps.

Think about a gated community: Gated communities tend to have their own rules, regulations, amenities and neighborhood events. These things all come together to help enhance the feeling of community pride that the residents feel. People also tend to feel more comfortable getting out in the neighborhood and walking when it is gated, partially so they don't have to worry as much about things like fast cars, loose dogs and other safety issues. This allows the residents to have more opportunities to get to know those who live near them which can also help to increase the level of community pride they feel.

Look for a place in a more rural area: Not all rural towns have a strong sense of community pride, but many of them do. So, if you are open to moving to a smaller area then you should pay some a visit and spend the day getting to know the locals. This will allow you to get a real feel for what the town is like and determine whether or not it is one that has a strong community pride about it.