When it is time to go on vacation, one of the very best ways to stay is renting a condo. Many individuals think that you will be spending a lot of money when renting a condo, but the truth is that some very nice condo rentals are not much more than a hotel room. There are some vacation condos that are luxury and can be expensive, but these can also be extremely fun. If you have ever thought about renting a condo for your next vacation, here are just a few tips. 

Property Manager

One of the most important things that you need to know is if there is a property manager, or if the owners act as the property manager. Either way, it is important that you know their phone number. Hopefully you never need to dial the number, but if something does go wrong, you need to have access to the property manager. The brochure of the property may do a great job of explaining the condo and what is included, but you may come up with questions when you arrive. Write down your questions so you do not forget them, and then call the property manager to get your answers. 


One of the best things that you can do when you arrive is a very thorough sweep of the home. You want to try and find anything that could be mistaken as your fault. For instance, if you go to take a shower and you find that the shower head is actually cracked, it is important to let the property manager know that the shower head was broken, and that it needs to be fixed. If you leave the condo and did not say anything, there is a very good chance that replacing the shower head could come out of your wallet. When you get to your condo, sweep through, and do not be afraid to contact the property manager with updates on the property.


One of the most important aspects of the contract is to understand the fees very well. You want to know exactly what you are paying for. You should know what is included in the package and whether you will be hit with cleaning fees after you leave, or whether they are included in your package. Does the room come with champagne, and are you charged for the alcohol? Walk through the agreement with the property manager in detail, and be sure that you understand what you are paying for.  

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