If you are selling your home and are still occupying it, you probably already understand how difficult it can be to keep it ready to be shown. If given a day or so, almost any home can be cleaned and staged to look attractive to a potential buyer, but if you really want to get your home sold, you may not have that much of an advance notice. Read on for some ideas to get your home show-ready and how to keep it that way.

Be merciless with "stuff"

The more you have, the harder it can be to deal with it. Do a total house decluttering and give yourself a lot less to deal with on a daily basis. Either toss it, donate it or put it in storage. For example, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space, so personal souvenirs, mementos and family photographs not only prevent the new buyer from placing themselves in your home, but also they can contribute to a cluttered feeling and make it harder to tidy up the space.

Pack it up. One day, one glorious day, your home will sell

Go ahead and get started on the packing up process in advance. You will likely need to rent a storage space for your things, since no one wants to see a bunch of cardboard boxes piled up in every room. If you think putting those boxes in a spare room or garage is a great idea, think again. Buyers want to see the rooms, not boxes. While on this subject, avoid renting those portable storage units that reside in your driveway; while they are undoubtedly convenient, they are also ugly and distracting for buyers. Save that option for later, once the home is sold.

Quick and cute storage options

In real life, you may find that a perfect Saturday consists of cuddling up on the couch, munching popcorn and binge-watching Game of Thrones. When the call from a real estate agent comes in, don't panic. Keep some attractive storage bins available to quickly stash toys, clothing, magazines and more. Some bins are long and flat, perfect for sliding under beds after filling with Lego pieces!

Pay attention to aromatherapy

Yes, it's a thing and it does make your home seem more attractive. If you don't have time to bake up a fresh batch of macadamia nut cookies before your lookers arrives, just light some scented candles. You can find vanilla and other yummy aromas for very affordable prices to use in a jiffy.