When you are looking at homes to buy, you may have found one that you fell in love with at first glance. However, there are three small details you may want to check out before committing to buying it.

Check Your Cell Service 

Even if the house is in the middle of town, whip out your phone, and check your cell service before you go into the front door. Then, keep checking it inside as you look through each room.

If you are unable to get service everywhere while outside or inside the home, there are a couple of things that could be causing this. Signals from local industrial areas could be blocking the cell towers, or you may be positioned between a gap in the cell towers.

Depending on how much you rely on your phone, this could present a problem. You may want to ask the realtor or the owners if they are present if service is a constant problem or only during certain times of the day.

Turn on the Faucets to Check Water Pressure

Another thing you want to check while viewing a house in which you are interested is the water pressure. As you go through the kitchen and bathrooms, turn on all of the faucets to see how strong the streams are coming. Do not forget the shower, since you do not want to be stuck with water that barely rinses you off.

If you find that all of the faucets are slow, this is a sign of low water pressure. However, if the kitchen faucets barely run but the bathroom sink's stream is strong, it is possible the kitchen sink is clogged up. Ask if this issue will be addressed before buying it so that you are not stuck with dealing with the problem.

Drive by the House at Night

If the home's viewing went well and you are interested, you should still check for one more detail. Since you most likely viewed the home during the day, you want to make sure the area is well-lit and secure at night.

Make a drive-by late at night. Look for the locations of the streetlights and see how well they light up the property.

Also, scan the area for shady characters who may be hanging out nearby. If you do see anything suspicious, drive by a second night to see if this was something unusual or a nightly occurrence. 

After checking the smaller details of the home, you may have questions or be ready to proceed with buying it. If so, contact the real estate agent through which the home is available so they can answer your concerns or help you begin the process of making the house your new home.