If you are moving to a new city and state, finding a real estate agent is likely the best way to get you a quick rental. If you are not sure about the landscape of the city, you will need help finding a trustworthy rental and you will need help getting geographically oriented. There are a number of questions that you can ask real estate agents to determine just the type of lifestyle that you will have in the neighborhoods that you are looking around in. Here are three questions to ask your real estate agent that will help you determine what kind of vibe your new neighborhood will have:

What stores are available within a few blocks?

Stores tend to be located in a space that is easy for their target clientele to reach. If you are a vegan or if you enjoy all organic foods, you may want to live in a neighborhood that has grocery stores that cater to your taste. if you are a foodie, you will want to live in a neighborhood that is similar to a restaurant row. For fashionistas who love shopping, figure out how far away you are from the major malls and shopping centers. Being within a few blocks of your 'must haves' is likely to sit you in an area where you will find others who enjoy a similar lifestyle. 

How is the neighborhood growth?

A good real estate agent will have data on the growth of the neighborhood. This information will include the number of available rentals and homes, plus the current occupancy rate. If you enjoy being in the best area on the block, you will want to look for an area that has high growth and high occupancy rates. If you would prefer a suburb with a lot of stability, you may want to find a neighborhood that has a high owner occupancy versus renter occupancy rate. 

How long are most leases in the area?

Long leases indicate a willingness for leases to stay in the same unit for a long amount of time. This denotes a neighborhood with happy renters. If you have never lived in the city before, one of the best ways to determine how happy the renters in your building or area tend to be is figuring out the length of the leases. If owners or apartment buildings have residents that gladly sign leases that are longer than 12 months, this is a good indicator that you are making a great choice.