If you are renting your marina apartment then you should do your best to be a good tenant. When you treat the property well and take steps to ensure that you are a decent tenant you will have a better relationship with the manager and you can expect certain benefits such as being able to expect your security deposit back when you move and getting a good reference from them after you have vacated the property. Here are some tips you should follow that will help make you the kind of renter managers love to have in their properties:

Pay your rent on time every month

Your rent should be your number one priority. It should be the bill that gets paid before all others. While you may be able to work out payment arrangements with utility companies and other companies you owe money to, you should not see asking your manager for an extension as an option. Even if they are nice and give an extension to you, it does not look good.

Don't fix things that aren't your responsibility

There are some things that are the responsibility of the manager. A few examples of these things include the plumbing, the electrical system and the roof. When something goes wrong with these types of things you want to call the manager and inform them right away. Don't try to fix these things on your own because you can make things worse and this can get you in a bit of hot water with the manager. When problems arise you should make that phone call to the manager right away so they can have repairs done before the problem leads to bigger issues.

Take proper care of the things that are your responsibility

There are other things that are considered to be your responsibility and you want to make sure you stay on top of them. An example of something that is your responsibility is changing the filter in the HVAC system. If you don't do this then more wear and tear will be put on the system and this can cause problems that may lead to expensive repairs. Not only will your manager not be happy about this, but they may be able to hold you liable. It will also be your responsibility to make sure the grass and plants in the yard are watered enough to keep them alive. You'll also be expected to keep the house clean and not put more than normal wear and tear on it.