Does available internet change how you feel about an area? Do you need a game store, electronics retailer, or specific tech shops such as computer parts stores? Many parts of the US have just the basic features needed for modern tech enthusiasts, and some places stay intentionally as low-tech as possible. To avoid the internet blackout areas and embrace gadgets whenever you leave the door, here are a few things to think about before getting too comfortable with a specific house:

Who Is Your ISP And What Do They Do?

Cable, DSL, fiber, satellite, wifi, mobile. They're all great options when combined, but moving into an area with only one internet option can be a nightmare.

Ask a real estate company like Liz Carter & Team Realty Inc to survey local internet service for every home on their list of suggestions. An area with a few different cable, DSL (digital subscriber line), fiber Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will give you America's average internet speeds and the opportunity to fight against poor service with real threats to change to another ISP if your current company doesn't shape up.

The issue is that not all areas have clear competition. In fact, some areas have a clear monopoly on "decent" internet because many established ISPs already have enough customers and need to focus on current improvements over moving into new territory...for now.

Your main goal as an internet-devouring house hunter is to find at least two wired internet services. Why wired? Because the wireless internet is less consistent by nature; wireless broadcasts such as satellite, metro wifi, and mobile signals are waves of spreading information, and some of that information is lost just because it isn't laser-focused on your device. It's getting better, but any great signal will be better inside a cable until that cable significantly slows down the technology.

Having at least two cable, DSL, or fiber optic internet companies battling each other will makes it easier for your new address to get better service...eventually. If you're reading this and wondering "why is this writer saying cable and fiber? That's redundant!", the issue is that residential marketing separates the two. Fiber companies such as Google Fiber are supposed to be this great new product of fast, fiber-only internet. Many cable companies are switching to fiber at a slow rate, but this is a business marketing distinction.

Gadget Shops And Parts Stores

Do you need the newest gadgets when they arrive at the store? Is shopping on Amazon convenient, but a little dry without your nerdy and geeky kindred in the stores with you? If you need brick and mortar backups for online shopping, let a real estate agent know.

Driving around on your own can be tough, and no matter how great online maps and internet searches are, there's always a shop out there that doesn't know how to brand and market itself--even in the tech world. Some shops may be in strip malls or in what looks like residential areas with no easy line of sight to major highways or main street.

Your real estate agent can do a bit of research on foot and find homes that match your aesthetic tastes while being within range of tech hubs. Contact a real estate agent to figure out which homes are best for your high-tech lifestyle.