Home staging is something most real estate agents recommend doing before people list their homes, and its purpose is to make a house look more appealing and inviting to people that come to view the home. If your agent recommends staging your home, here are three good things to start with. Each of these is affordable, yet each step can greatly improve the way people perceive your home when they come for showings.

Clean up your front entryway

Cleaning up your front entryway is something you might be able to do without spending a dime, yet it can make a huge difference with the curb appeal of your home. To do this, you may want to begin by eliminating any trash, clutter, or items that look bad. Next, pressure wash the front of your home, the door, and the porch or deck. Finally, place some fresh flowers in pot near your front door. These simple steps can make a home look nicer and may improve the first impressions of those that come to see your home.

Focus on getting rid of clutter

A second thing you can do that may be free is getting rid of clutter in your home. Clutter can be very distracting to buyers, yet it is something that can accumulate quickly in a home. If you want people to like your home and view it desirably, you will need to make sure it is completely clutter-free. If necessary, rent a storage unit and place some of your things in it just to make your house look emptier. A house that has too much stuff in it can look smaller, and it can come across as dirty.

Give all the walls a fresh coat of paint

Painting all the walls in your house will not be free, but it is not something that will cost thousands of dollars. In fact, if you paint the entire house yourself, all you will have to pay for is the paint and supplies needed. Paint can make a house look nicer, brighter, and newer. If you do this, make sure the color you use is light and neutral. Once you are finished, you may see a huge improvement in the looks of your home, and it may even smell fresher too.

Taking the time to complete tasks like this can improve your chances of selling. If you need additional help with staging, talk to a real estate agent in your city.