One of the things which might come to mind when you're looking into when buying a home is the size of the yard. If you're like most people, a large yard might have instant appeal for a variety of reasons. However, there are some drawbacks and a large yard isn't the right fit for everybody. If you're trying to decide on whether it is right for you, then look at these pros and cons of having a large yard.


More space between homes: A large yard usually means that there will be more space between you and your neighbors. This may result in more privacy and possibly less noise. You will also get better natural light and air circulation into your home.

More space for children to play: If you have children, then a large yard can provide plenty of place for them to play. You may even have space for play equipment such as a play house or swing set. Children can run around and make noise more freely in a larger yard.

More room for animals: Your large dog will have more room to roam and exercise. In some instances, depending on your area's laws, you may even be allowed other animals which you wouldn't be able to keep if you have a smaller yard. You could add chickens, ducks, goats, and even beehives to your yard in some cases.


While most people may tell you that a larger yard is a blessing, sometimes they're an extra burden. If you don't have children, then having a large play area may not be an advantage for you. Here are some other considerations to think about.

More work: Larger yards need more raking, mowing, weeding and cleaning than smaller yards. You might also need to do more planting or landscaping in a larger yard compared to a smaller one. If you're someone who has health problems, and can't do the work or afford to hire someone to do the work, then this can be a hardship.

More expensive: In addition to more work, these yards usually cost more money. You may need more money to buy plants, for example, and to water them. Maintaining gardening equipment might also be considered an added expense.

A large yard has a lot of advantages for many people, but it may not be right for everyone. You want to find a yard which fits your needs as well as have aesthetic appeal. When talking to your real estate agent or Mary Couser: Galbreath Realtors and looking through listings, try to look at a variety of homes with various-sized yards and see pick one which you know you will enjoy taking care of for years.