Selling your home entails so much more than just placing an ad in a homes-for-sale magazine, or on-line. Selling your home, especially if you want to get the most money for your home, will take some work from you as a homeowner, as well as from your agent. Staging your home is one thing you can do as a homeowner to help get your home sold. See below for some tips to staging your home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Staging your home isn't just setting out pretty furniture, you need to deep clean your home as well. You can deep clean your home yourself, or you can hire a professional cleaning service to have your carpets cleaned, and your hard surface floors cleaned, as well as your baseboards and other areas of your home cleaned (you know, those areas you don't like to clean). Your home should feel and look clean to a potential buyer.

Remove Clutter

Get rid of clutter around your home such as knick-knacks, collections, stacks of magazines or books, and other items around your home that take up too much space and hide your home. It's a great time to clean up and get rid of things that you don't actually need and can help you when you prepare to move out of your home.


Downsize the amount of furniture in your home. Less is more are words to go by when home staging. Get rid of the extra couch in your living room, switch out that large rectangular table in your dining area (or take the leaf out), to make the room feel larger, rather than overwhelmed by furniture. What works for you may not work for a potential buyer, so downsizing will help give the appearance of a much larger living space, which a potential buyer can then be able to see themselves (and their own furniture) in that space.


If your house has a lot of bolder colors, you may want to think about painting your home a more neutral color. Neutral colors can help give the appearance of a larger space, especially if you use neutral colors throughout your entire home. Lighter colors can also help lighten up a room, giving even small spaces a larger feel.

Let In Light

Open up curtains and blinds to let in plenty of light during the day. This gives your home a more open and airiness feel, which can also make your home feel larger and more spacious. Use mirrors across the room in smaller spaces to help reflect light and lighten up a room as well.

Staging a home doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, and the return may be well worth it when you sell your home. Talk to your realtor about other home staging tips to help sell your home faster.