It can be exciting to be at a point where you can finally build or buy your own tiny home, and buying the lot to place your tiny home upon is just a natural part of the process for most people. Even though buying a piece of ground may seem like a pretty straightforward process, if it is a tiny home you plan to put on that land, you have to be careful. The fact is, some properties come along with stipulations tacked on as zoning and building restrictions that can be a real problem if you are planning to plant your tiny home on the premises. Here are some zoning and building restrictions that can get in the way if you are buying property for your tiny home. 

Some properties have restrictions on mobile homes. 

Restrictions on placing a mobile home on a piece of land are fairly common, but you probably will never give thought to this restriction as being an issue if you are planning to buy or build a tiny home on the property or have one delivered and set up. However, tiny houses are often considered mobile homes, especially if they're built elsewhere and delivered because these homes usually have axles and wheels beneath them. You may be able to overcome this restriction if you are planning to have the tiny home erected on the property on tops of a solid foundation. 

Some properties have size requirements in place where residential properties are concerned. 

In some neighborhoods, the lots for sale will clearly state that a home must be a specific size to be up to standard. For example, the deed to a piece of land may come along with the rule that any residential property built on the property must be at least 1,200 or 1,500 square feet. There are no specific space requirements on tiny homes, but in general, a tiny home will not have floor space more than 500 square feet. On properties that require a residential structure to be a certain size, your tiny home will not be allowed. 

While building a tiny home can mean you have to be a little more cautious about purchasing land, there are many building lots available that do not have these restrictions attached. Check with a local real estate agent near you to find out if there are lots for sale that would welcome a tiny home.