Moving into a new home can be fun, stressful, and exciting all at once. From planning to packing and setting up in you new digs, there's plenty to remember when you move into a new place. These simple, but effective, moving hacks will help you make a smooth transition from the old place to the new one so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your new home.

Bag your wardrobe

If you want to keep your hanging clothes clean and safe during the move, you'll need to cover them. Pull string garbage bags are perfect for this, and they'll provide the added bonus of giving you somewhere to stash your trash once you've moved into your new place. Group 5-7 hangers together (with your clothes still hanging on them) and bring the garbage bag up and over the clothing from the bottom to the top. Pull the plastic string to seal the bag around the necks of the hangers, and you'll have a perfectly protected bundle of clothes that are ready to be hung in their new home.

Plastic baggies are a mover's best friend

Plastic sandwich bags are super versatile and very helpful during a move. Buy some in both small and large sizes before you start packing. Use the larger ones to hold bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries that could be messy if they "explode" during the move. Use the smaller ones to stash any small items such as jewelry or trinkets that you don't want to get lost during the move. 

Finally, use the baggies to store the screws, nuts, and bolts from furniture that you have to disassemble before your move. Use some masking tape or painter's tape to attach the bag of hardware to the rest of the furniture so it's all ready to be put back together once you arrive at your new place.

Photograph your electronic plugs

Unless you are a whiz at setting up your home entertainment system, take the time to snap a picture of which leads connect to each port on your television, game console, DVD players, and stereo system. This takes the guess work out of setup once you're in your new place so you can get your electronics up and running ASAP. An even better idea is to take the time and label each cord as you remove it so you know what goes where. Use small strips of paper to create a label for each cord, then tape the labels onto the cords using clear tape. 

Change the locks before you move your stuff in

When you move into a new house, you have no way of knowing who may have a key that will let them into your home. Former owners, their friends, even contractors could easily enter your home if you're still using the same key you got when you moved in. To properly secure your home, have the locks changed or rekeyed before you move your belongings in. If you wait, there's always a chance you'll forget or put it off indefinitely, which leaves your home vulnerable to a break-in by a former resident.

Bundle up your refrigerator

After you've thoroughly defrosted and cleaned your refrigerator, you need to get it on your moving truck in one piece, preferably without damaging it or anything in its path as you carry it out of the house. Your local moving company may have furniture pads and blankets you can rent or buy, and these really are best because they are designed to protect your furniture and appliances. If you can't source actual moving blankets, you can use heavy quilts and blankets instead to protect your appliance from scratches and bumps.

Pack plates with plates

Buy a pack of styrofoam plates and use them to pack your real plates. Put one styrofoam plate between two real plates and it will protect them from bumps and bangs. Plus, it's quicker and easier than trying to wrap every plate with newspaper.

Use these tips and hacks to take the stress out of your next move and you'll be settled in comfortably in your new home in no time. For more information, consider sites like