As you consider whether to hire a property management firm to oversee your apartment complexes, one factor that might not have crossed your mind is how effectively these companies can use social media. You may not have the time nor the inclination to become familiar with a variety of social media sites and to post updates regularly, but a property management firm can include this project in its service.

Social Media Statistics 

A full 74 percent of adults who spend time online use social media sites as of early 2014, and that percentage increases among younger adults. Some 89 percent of the 18-to-29 age group who are active online also are active on social media.  

Advantages of Using Social Media

Making sure your rental communities have a strong presence on social media can help keep your rental units occupied and create a greater sense of satisfaction among your current tenants. 

Conversing With Potential Renters 

Classified advertising is a one-way form of communication. People who are interested in renting from you must make a phone call or send an email in response to an ad. Social media feels more like an ongoing discussion. With someone actively monitoring the various sites, he or she can quickly respond to questions and concerns. 

Sharing Photos & Illustrations

You can attract people looking to rent an apartment by posting appealing photos. The social media specialist at the management firm will include new photos of the exterior as the seasons change. For interior pictures, the firm can create home staging to give potential renters a vision of what the unit looks like at its best. These pictures often are more enticing than photos of vacant units. 

The property manager will want to include floor plans on a main social media page and make them easy to find. 

Building a Sense of Community

You want to keep your tenants satisfied and happy because a happy renter tends to stay put. That means less money and effort spent on filling vacancies and having rental property sit empty for any time at all. Your renters will enjoy a sense of community when your property manager is active on social media and encouraging everyone to participate. 

A social media specialist knows many ways of getting residents to post on the sites. One technique, for instance, is to ask renters how they'll celebrate certain holidays and to post pictures of decorations. This type of positive participation is not only appealing to current residents, it's encouraging for people looking for an apartment.

Providing Information

Through informational posts on social media, your property manager can easily let renters know about scheduled maintenance and improvements, such as exterior painting or new landscaping. If new washing machines are about to be installed and laundry facilities won't be available for several hours, that type of announcement can be done through social media. 

Promoting the Neighborhood

Through photos and blurbs, the property management firm also can regularly show off the wonderful neighborhoods your rental units are located in. They might showcase fun events, neighborhood parks and area businesses. Prospective renters who aren't very familiar with the area can get a good sense of what it's like through this strategy, which can prompt them to set an appointment to view an upcoming vacancy. 

Concluding Thoughts

When you contact property management firms for details on their services and prices, ask whether they have people who are enthusiastic about managing social media for their clients. Ask for examples of pages they sponsor so you can see how active those pages are and how talented the social media specialist is at generating participation. This marketing and public relations strategy will make owning rental property even more enjoyable and profitable.