There's good news if you're planning to put your home on the market, or if you've already done so. Homes aren't sitting on the market as long as they were a few years ago – in fact, the median time for a home to sit on the market in the U.S. was 90 days in November of 2014. But depending on what city you're in, that time could be substantially longer – in some cities, the median time for a home to cell was much higher.

If you're in an area where home sales are slower, or if you just need to get your old home sold as quickly as possible, you need to think out of the box. Check out a few unique techniques that will get your old home off your hands fast.

Give Your Home Its Own Website

Sure, your real estate agent will list the house on the agency's website, but have you spent much time looking at those? For one thing, there are hundreds of houses on a real estate agency's website, and yours can easily get lost in the shuffle.

If you have some skill with web design, why not use it to really showcase your house? Use your talents to create a website that displays the high points of your home in detail. You can use social media and free classified advertising sites to get your home's website out there and draw attention to it.

Let Interested Buyers Take a Test Drive

You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive. If you have a potential buyer that you know is close to making an offer, why not let them take a test night in your house? If you've already moved out, this should be pretty easy, but even if you haven't, it might be worth spending a night in a hotel if it will get your house sold.

There are a lot of things about a home that can't be answered with a half hour tour. Is there a lot of street noise at night? Do the neighbors blast music or fight loudly? Does the water pressure in the shower give out halfway through a long shower? If you know that none of those things are going to be a problem for your home's new owners, letting them take a night and find out for themselves may be the best thing that you can do.

Offer a Free Gift With Purchase

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Are you willing to knock $2000 off the price of the home if that's what takes to get it sold? Don't – instead, offer a free vacation with purchase, up to a $2000 value. It works out the same way – you make $2000 less than you asked for on the home – but the buyer feels like they're getting an amazing free vacation out of the deal. What would you rather have – a discount or a free trip?

Don't like the vacation idea? You could also try throwing in a high dollar gift card to a good local furniture store, some valuable home electronics, or a kitchen upgrade. Or consider offering to pay the first year's property taxes. The important point isn't what exactly you offer – there's going to be someone interested in anything that you happen to be giving away. The important thing is to make sure your potential buyers know if they buy your home, they'll get more than just the home.

It may seem a little over the top to let strangers sleep in a home that you haven't sold yet or to give away pricy gifts with the purchase of your me, but sometimes over the top is what it takes to get the job done. If you're looking to sell your house fast, be prepared to do something unique to make it happen and click for more info.